Star of the Show: Menino Fernandes (Bahrain)

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By Gasper Crasto/Kuwait with inputs by G.R. Crasto/Bahrain...18 March 2018

At a time when there is concern about youngsters showing lack of interest towards cultural heritage of the state, a generation of Goan artistes scattered around the globe are still shouldering the responsibility – no matter where they live.

One artiste who is still willing to take forward the rich legacy of his gurus is iconic musician-singer Menino Fernandes based in Bahrain. 

The artiste has proved his competence in Kuwait and Bahrain for a long time, and drawn plaudits from friends and audiences across for his melodious voice and lyrics.


An alumni of Our Lady of Fatima High School, Rivona, Menino first took to stage as a little child aged 5 years in his brother Robert Fernandes’ drama entitled ‘Posko’. 

As he grew up, Menino learnt the art of music at an early age of 10 years and mastered the violin under the tutelage of Shri Milagres Lopes (father of famed Lopes Brothers).

During his early years, Menino was an active member of the renowned Nazy Rod dramatic troupe from Rivona in tiarts and khell tiarts, many of which were broadcast on Akaswanni, Goa.


Menino, first came to Bahrain in 1980 and was right away involved in social activities; he was founder member of Riffa Goans club. He has also been a regular footballer for Riffa Goans, and YGSC (now Young Goans Club). 

Inbetween,  Menino worked in Kuwait from 1992 to 2002 before returning back to Bahrain and has been working in the Kingdom since then for Bright Tech Industrial Equipment Co.

The talented artiste has participated in Konkani cultural programs and activities wherever he lived. 

Menino was highly acclaimed as a musician, singer, composer, producer and director for his grand musical show ‘Zaddam ani Pallam’ staged by Young Goans Club, Bahrain in the year 2003. The show consisted of adult artistes as well as a number of children.

Menino was fortunate to be part of a ‘lifetime’ achievement of Konkani Nirantori - a 40-hour singing marathon show embarked on by Mandd Sobhaann, a Mangalorean organisation which catapulted Konkani music in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Menino represented Quepechim Kirnam at the event performing under the leadership of Elvis Goes. 


Menino was born on Christmas day to John Fernandes and Santana Carneiro; and hails from the beautiful scenic place of Zambaulim Moll, Quepem.

Menino (Minu to close friends), is married to Louisa - dotingly called as Lulu. 

Menino's elder son Iggy Fernandes who was popular in Bahrain is now in Goa continuing his love for music at parties and gatherings as one man band; daughter Valerie and younger son Daniel are both singers in their own esteem.

Apart from being involved in Goan activities, Menino is an active member and choir conductor of the Konkani choir at Sacred Heart Church, Bahrain; and also an Executive Committee member of the famous Young Goans Club (YGC), Bahrain.

Menino attributes Fr. Peter Cardozo and his late dad John Fernandes as his singing mentors who moulded him in music and singing right from a young age.


Menino will be one of the stars on stage in Maestro Shahu’s musical ‘Tumkanch Lagon Ami’ where he will sing to his best.

Shahu Almeida has his imprints on the minds and hearts of Konkani music lovers of Bahrain with his last show 'Tiatristponn Devachem Dennem' staged in 2016.

'Tumkanch Lagon Ami' another masterpiece from this director that provided rocking entertainment in Kuwait in October 2017, is set to provide high quality entertainment to Bahrainkars.


Comedian John D’Silva, dubbed as the ‘Emperor of Goan Stage’ and ‘Prince Jacob’ will be major attractions of the show apart from a select cast including local artistes from the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Star performers include mimicry artiste Amresh Kamat (from Qatar), Bab Agnel (UK),  Gracy Rodrigues, Clemmie Almeida, Esparansa, Laurente Pereira, Katty de Navelim, Gasper Crasto, Seby&Seby, and the famed Kuwait Trio of Cajetan de Sanvordem-Mario de Majorda-Michael D’Silva.

Other prominent artistes will include Raphael Noel from Cayman Islands, Sanio (Dubai), Quixote, Ophelia, Menino Fernandes, and latest political sensation from Goa Alison Gomes best known as Junior Francis de Tuem.

The show is directed by Maestro Shahu who will handle the music all by himself.


Young Goans Club (YGC), one of the premier clubs of Bahrain, will host the show.

The club’s history dates back to 1953, and is famed for its sports, social and cultural activities of great excellence.

Young Goans Club continues to maintain and foster the Goan fraternal identity by welcoming, connecting and uniting the Goan community in Bahrain with its all-inclusive approach, thus helping to make its activities and events much fun and joy, and its programs meaningful.

‘Tumkanch Lagon Ami’ is the second musical show of Maestro Shahu to be organized by YGC.

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