IPL v/s EPL and the ‘Goan’ Franchise

-by gasper crasto 21/04/2009

“Which league do you watch?...” asked a colleague from Delhi, “The Indian Premier League (IPL), Indian Super League (ISL) or the English Premier League (EPL)?”

I said, "Comparing the English football with it’s chanting, scarf-waving, ever-screaming fans is akin to comparing oranges to apples. Both are entirely different in their own means - EPL happens whole year around while IPL or ISL is just a few weeks affair." 

"The money involved in the EPL is extremely high when compared to Indian Leagues," I said adding, "But the buzz for IPL clearly shows the huge popularity that Indian Premier League is enjoying..."

“...English Premier League is already boasting of a huge number of Indian die-hard fans." I explained, "It would take a monumental effort for any franchise in IPL or ISL to create a similar group of die-hard supporters or fan base. Anyway, football is slowly gaining popularity…"

"Popularity? Among the new generation???.. " my friend laughed sarcastically.

"With globalization, and a number of Indians traveling abroad, the reach of English Premier League is going to be an upward graph. And with our inborn attraction of anything Western, it will seem 'cool' for many young people to follow and proclaim themselves to be Manchester, Real Madrid fans rather than Kolkotta Knightriders or FC Goa's."

"No doubt..." my friend argued back, "...with the extreme popularity that cricket enjoys in India, IPL will remain the most popular league, atleast for a few more years... Just forget the football.."

“Well, for the level to continue, the players and management have to provide unadulterated ‘fun’ for people watching it - on television and on the ground.”

"So you watch the game just for the ‘fun’ of it, do you?.. like most others, hmm? Ha.. ha.. Delhi Daredevils – that’s my team. I was born in Delhi… By the way, aap ki kaunsi team?.."

“I’ve been supporting Mumbai Indians right from the beginning although I have no connections with the Mumbai world... or the underworld.."

“Mumbai Indians? Yaak!!! It’s not owned by any heroines yaar? Why Mumbai? 

"Well, why not be loyal to a team having Tendulkar as their icon, a player who has given happiness to millions? Anyway, I have decided to be a fan and supporter of our nearest neighbor till we have a team like 'Susegad Goans' with a franchise of it’s own..."

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