Churchill the Great

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Churchill the Great
By Gasper Crasto...08.02.2004
Churchill is flying to New Delhi

An air-hostess comes over and asks, "Sir, what would you like to have? Tea, coffee?...

Churchill replies, "Black tea...... with milk..."

The Air-hostess politely says, "With pleasure sir..."

Churchill replies back, "No, not with pleasure...with sugar..."

The air-hostess comes back after a while and finds Churchill writing on a pad. Knowing that Churchill is a famous personality, she asks, "Sir, what is that you are writing?.... a new speech?"

Churchill: "No..., I am writing a Konkani kavita -  a poem."

The air- hostess is curious, "Poem?" she says " you write on Nature, sir?"

Churchill: "No ma'am...I write on paper!..."

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once met our great Churchill. 

"Mr. Churchill, are there any Jews in Goa?" Ariel Sharon inquires.

Churchill replies quickly, "Plenty!... which one are you talking about?...we have pineapple juice, orange juice, mango name it and we have it...."

Ariel Sharon smiles and says, "No...No Mr. Churchill, I don't mean this type of juice......."

Churchill interrupts, "I know what you mean....but i'am sorry... cashew juice is not served at five stars...Not to worry, I can arrange..."

Molestation Joke (this one's more recent -- picked up from the net)

Churchill Alemao was questioned at a Press Conference about Molestation Cases in Goa.

Churchill said, "Aree Baba, tumkam kitem khobor aha? Molem station na, aha tem Colem station!"

Churchill learns English...

Churchill attends an advanced English course. He is asked to translate a few common sentences from Konkani into English.

'Salvador, tum novem ghor kaddta zalear, he bashen kadd.'
Churchill: Salvador, if you are taking out a new house, take it out in this language.

'Atanche dakte bhurge cigeretti vodtat.'
Churchill: Nowadays these small boys are pulling cigarettes.

'Zonn eklean ap-aple poixe moddun ghor bandunk zai.'
Churchill: Each one should break their own money and tie the house.

'Aiz hanv sarko thoklam, nidd eta.'
Churchill: Today I'am very much tired, sleep coming.

'Aiz-Kal zata tem sonspachem?'
Churchill : Today-yesterday happening can we bear?

'Mhaka vhoddlo 'shirt' dhi. Ho shirt mhaka zaina.'
Churchill:Give me a bigger shirt. This shirt is not happening.

'Aiz mojea jivak borem disonam.'
Churchill: Today my life cannot see good.

Jokes interpreted as told by friends.

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