Mountains, Mysteries & Memories of Muscat

-Gasper Crasto/Kuwait

Every place is different. No sooner you see some new place, you feel there are things that cannot be found elsewhere!

Though not the last planet, Oman is very scenic because of its mountains, and the city of Muscat certainly has a character different from other Gulf capitals.

It was a BLESSING to spend Christmas week in Muscat, which unlike Kuwait’s chill, was no more cooler than the ‘coolest’ Goan winter.

Driving with a GPS, meeting long-lost classmates (Esparansa’s University friend Mehraj and her husband Nayim Shaikh, and my college mate Ramsey Antao from Fr. Agnels), eating Omani food and tasty fish, visiting some exotic places and exploring mysteries behind the rocky, barren mountains were some of the things we will cherish for a while...

Best was the green village of mount Misfah - an oasis deep inside a gorge (or ‘wadi’ as our friends called it) – approx. 1000m above sea level - about 180kms from Muscat. Apart from the historic centuries-old mud houses, the area is a plantation of green -- bananas, pomegranates, papayas, mangoes, citrus trees and of course palm trees.

We really enjoyed trekking the oasis but felt tired & hungry quite easily because we went there at midday!

Nearby Nizwa city with its Souk Craft, Al Hamra mountains were amazing too.

It would have been nice to drive down further to Salalah and see for ourselves coconut trees growing there... Maybe some other time!

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