Birthday Over, What's Next?

~By Gasper Crasto...Kuwait / 09.10.2018

For most people, birthdays are very exciting. You plan many things well in advance to make it amazing and memorable.

I still remember when I was a child, I used to get lost in dreams from a week before my birthday; I knew my mother Mariani stitched me a new pair of pants, and a shirt.

I used to chalk a lot of things in my mind, it was so exciting that I can’t express it in words. I am sure many of you can connect with the same feeling.

No matter your age or from where you belong, you love celebrating your birthday. I know the ways can be different but that ultimate feeling remains the same for all of us.

My birthday falls on 8th Oct. Well, today I am going to share how I celebrate my birthdays...


Many of us love to celebrate birthdays with special get-togethers, dance parties -- with a theme, going to a favorite place, having a family dinner, pool party, celebrating with wife or parents, barbeque, bar or beach party with friends, a house party with games and dinner, taking a vacation, or having a date, etc.

Many famous people in history have had unique ways in life as well. Famous people who were probably also really weird include Socrates and Mahatma Gandhi. 

I have my own unique ways too.

Well, extreme uniqueness doesn't mean you are a philosopher or a prophet, but more likely just 'mad' ๐Ÿ˜œ.

The great Mahatma had an obsession of never speaking a word on Mondays, which were his designated silent days in life. Even if Monday happened to be his birth day, he never uttered a word.

Swami Vivekananda read scriptures on the eve of Christmas recollecting the sacrifices of Jesus Christ and fasted on Christmas day and his birthdays.


One of the few things that I do on my birthday – past 2 decades - I never answer telephone calls from anyone including my family. Well, I have to keep my mobile on for work commitments.

The only telephone call that I make on this day is a long-distance one, to my mother in Goa.

Initially, my reason for not answering phones was, I never wanted my family and friends to spend on calling me; those days the calls were few but expensive. 

Nowadays calls are cheap but a nuisance. Add to it, you are bombed from all sides with wishes on facebook, whatsApp, Emails, etc.

Last many years, I have celebrated my birthdays with my wife and in-laws. And those have been some of the greatest birthdays that I can remember. But if you ask me how I would like to spend my birthday, I would definitely love to spend the day alone.

It’s not that I don’t like celebrating. The idea is simple, I want to take this day off for myself. I feel the day is all for me alone; am available 364 days for the world๐Ÿ˜‰.

So I try to give myself time as if a new life has come to me in yet another birthday and I try to express my gratitude for all the blessings poured upon me by the Almighty. 

I thank all my friends for making an effort to wish me on my birthday, and Facebook for reminding the world.

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