My Story on the 'Kerala' Film

The Kerala Story - Exclusive Review

By Gasper Crasto / Kuwait

Watched ‘The Kerala Story’ – first day of its release. 

I watched online, cause this film will never see the light in Middle-east or any Muslim country because of it’s sensitive subject. 

Beautiful scenes, background music, gripping dialogues & emotions esp. by the heroine Adah Sharma, main character of the film – and a pretty engaging storyline. However, this movie is not for people with commercial, filmy taste!


I was eagerly waiting for the movie as everyone said it's a propaganda film by some Hindu fanatics group. 

Though the film seems to promote hatred against Muslims, I feel it is not really against any religion except the ISIS’ “after-life jan’nat” ideology. 

The fact that women from Kerala were not only converted but also instigated to join the ISIS as sex slaves makes it a chilling watch.  I believe, the purpose of the film is mainly to create awareness and prevent such things happening in India or in other States.

The manner in which the ‘religious’ brain-washing starts and where it finally ends is well depicted in the film. An eye opener for all those who are losing connection with their imbibed faith & culture.

Goan parents should show this film to their young daughters lest, god forbid, we don’t have to make 'THE GOA STORY'.

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