Breaking News: An amazing achievement!

-by Gasper Crasto, October 26

"Since the time you proposed, I wanted to ask..," she hesitated, moving her hair sideways and caressing her Egyptian necklace thoughtfully.

I glanced at her face as she poured tea in the cups.

"What do you want to ask?" I asked.

She leaned across and looked me in the eye. "Whom do you love -- the most..?"

It was a weekend. I was stretched on the sofa, uninterestingly. Through the window, the 4th Ring Road off Salmiya was a street of serenity on a warm Friday afternoon. ‘In moments like this’ hymned through the apartment.

"She is my dear, dear heart!" I smiled.

The color of her face changed instantly. She stopped humming the 'Singing, I love you Lord.'

"Do you need to know anything else?" I looked at her.

Her cup rattled in its saucer.


I seized a deep breath.

She put her cup on the table, tossed her hair behind the ears, and returned her gaze back on me.

I tilted her chin up and looked deeply into her big, fat eyes. "She is sweeter than you are..much sweeter.."

Her breath caught a gloat in her throat as she smiled.

"I think we're in love," I said. "And you know what, she likes me a lot..”

"I want you to answer my question..!!" She exclaimed.

"What question!"

Her eyes popped up. Before she could speak again, I grabbed the car keys, lifted my little child Angel up in arms and said, “Come-on.. Let’s get going.. ..City Centre.. ”




"Praise God!"

“You must be so much in love with each other!”

These are some of the ‘amazing’ comments that I have received in our 2 years of marriage -- perhaps for the 'amazing' achievement of always walking hand in hand with my wife.

Many women including my lovely wife, place considerable importance on certain days each year, which include birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. They look forward with great expectation to flowers, gifts and our case, a chance to leave our daughter with mother-in-law while we slip off to do something more interesting than changing diapers. No doubt, it is a wonderful, magical time that rules our senses and our lives.

Many men, myself included, struggle to remember these days exist and just cannot imagine waiting in anticipation. The days I actually wait each year, however, are the weekends, Champions League football, India batting first when I am home on a weekend, etc, etc. Most of my friends though, await a new dance in town or a party, while others look forward to only celebrating Christmas - once a year.

Since my wife now 'managers' our home, we usually compromise by going out for dinner on most of the special occasions while exchanging thoughtful notes on sms throughout the day when we are at work. This time, however, with enough encouragement, I may even go against my better judgment of buying her a rose, by purchasing a bouquet of flowers instead.

Husbandly duties aside, I've begun to view anniversaries as yet another commercial conspiracy to part me from my hard-earned money. Between the jewellers and the florists, it’s one day of the year that always seems more expensive than necessary. But it is worth ofcourse. More than life itself...


Just 2 years of marriage and we have started differing in our opinion. Not that we did not differ earlier. Now we differ more often.

Ofcourse, my communiqué with her before marriage and after has helped much to boost my vocabulary.. and after marriage!!! Don’t ask..!

On the political front, she is not an American, Kuwaiti, BJP, Congress or a Communist – she is an atheist. She doesn’t believe in politics at all, although she observes and practices Gandhian policies – no violence, truth, democracy and equality. No wonder, all this while she also expected me to chip in with equal-rights in household work specially in the utility department. I am more of a congressman, been like that ever since I fell in love with Priyanka Gandhi. It is another story though.

On the geographical front, we are tied with our views between Sanquelim (North Goa), her birthplace, and Navelim (Central Goa), my home. When she talks of the high literacy rate in Sanquelim, I talk of the great development of Goa by Navelkars.. If we were to make a movie on our discussions from the two villages, we would probably win the National Award for dialogue.

On the sociology front, I have a generous lead. She believes high population is the reason why India is a super power today. I say if India were not as populated, we would have been a supreme power by now. Sticking to her stand, she says she wants to have four kids - two boys and two girls. Wonder if I can download them from the internet.

On the Economical front, she takes a lead by far. Any amount of persuasion, not to mention my knowledge in Economics, doesn't seem to hold water with my wife. Now, I have realized that whatever a husband does, he can never regain his freedom of thought and speech.

Last week all my mates went out for a barbeque on the beach.... I, the 'dutiful' gent that I am, called her to tell I was heading there after office to have some fun for a couple of hours.. but ended up driving back after she ordered me straight home. If you are a bachelor, you might think I am not man enough. But the beauty is.. nobody is man enough.

The other day, we were at CentrePoint when she stopped in front of a pink pull over (sweater, for the common folks).

On the pretext of feeling the cloth, I checked the price and it said a whopping KD45/-.

"I am not going to buy that," I told myself. Not long back KD45/- used to be the amount me and my bachelor friends together spent in a month. How could I commit this crime?

“Can we buy this please?.. It is already October and very soon it will be winter in Kuwait.” she was at her pleading best.

“But dear.. KD45/- for a sweater? I could get you a similar one from the Salmiya Centre for just KD5/-, including the fuel cost to go there.” I protested vehemently.

She looked at me, and then let out a sigh. She then turned towards the Indian salesman and said: “Bhaiyya, why don’t you tell my husband the specialty of the wool used?”

The salesman didn't need a second invitation. Pity, he was being my wife’s knight in shining armor while I was being looked at as a villain.

“Sir, this is a special sweater. This special wool used here comes from special sheep of New Zealand.”

“Yeah?” I enquired further. The wool definitely seemed special.

“Yes sir..”

I couldn't help say: “Yes I agree.”

I turned to my infant Angel, and tried to amuse her with my face-expressions.

Before I could blink, the sweater was in my wife’s trolley!

It is for this reason that I never let go of my wife's hand when we go out. The moment I let go, she grabs a shopping trolley...



"Praise God!"

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