Why is the Kuwait Trio Rated Best?

By Gasper Crasto

Kuwait: Konkani tiatros are never complete without a Trio song. The team of Cajetan de Sanvordem-Mario de Majorda-Michael D'Silva have become greatly synonymous with the audience and are rated one of the best trios on Konkani stage.

The Trio have achieved applauds from everywhere they have performed specially for their latest songs in Bahrain and Kuwait.

The well-known stars are expected to be at their best yet again in Maestro Shahu’s acclaimed Konkani musical ‘Tiatristponn Devachem Dennem’.

The show with comedy skits is organized by St. Francis Xavier Boys to raise funds for charity. It will be be staged 2nd Dec 2016 at Salmiya Model School starting 4.30pm.


Known to be the ‘Thespian of Konkani Stage - Cajetan de Sanvordem, a Kala Academy Award winner for Best Actor and Konkani Bhasha Mandal's Best Singer, has been serving  Konkani art (drama & films) since the 70’s, earlier acting as the ‘main hero’. 

Cajetan has ‘dressed up’ in almost every tiatr staged in Kuwait.

In Goa, Cajetan has worked with well-known directors such as Remmie Colaco, M. Boyer, Fr. Freddy J. Da Costa, Roseferns, Jess Fernandes, A. Morais, Patrick Dourado, M. Morais, Anthony San, etc. 

He has even staged two of his own tiatrs ‘Bhatkarachem Kortub’ and ‘Africar’ besides producing a DVD video album entitled ‘Xidduk Ravat’ that was well accepted by Konkani lovers across the globe.

Cajetan first came into limelight when he was just 8 years of age singing in school and village dramas. His smile and style simply lights up the stage.

Cajetan’s last action in a commercial drama was an important role in Sammy Tavares’ tiatr ‘Thim Thikam Sandlelim’ while his role in the Konkani E-Cinema ‘Black’ apparently remains one of his best performances – yet to be seen by most Goans.

Employed with the Ministry of Civil Information in Kuwait, Cajetan is a well-known public figure involved in social activities and heads several Goan associations.

The thespian was awarded by the Tiartrist Academy of Goa (TAG) for his immense contribution in the field of drama. 

Cajetan de Sanvordem is apparently the founder member of the Kuwait Trio. Cajetan, along with Marcus Vaz and Xavier Gomes had formed the trio years ago. While Cajetan holds the fort, Mario de Majorda and Michael D’Silva have been around as a team for quite a while now.

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File Photo: Cajetan-Michael-Mario in one of the trios


Stage great Mario de Majorda is one of the stalwarts of Konkani stage -- a well-known writer, director, character-actor, comedian and a composer-singer of immense talent. Perhaps he has one of the best voices among male singers too.

Mario started as a singer at a young age of 13 in 'Somdir ani Lharam' of Felly Lucas and later sang in Jeoffrey de Majorda's 'To Monis Konn'. 

Coming from the beautiful coastal village of Calata-Majorda, Mario first came to Kuwait in 1983 and has been active on stage ever since.

Initially, Mario pursued his great enthusiasm for acting by helping out in the Holy Family Cathedral's Parents Day programs where he wrote and directed numerous skits, and also sang. He is currently the Choir In-charge at the church. 

Mario's presence and works in Kuwait-Goa Tiatristhanchi Sonvstha (KGTS) and Goan Welfare Society (GWS) are hugely notable.


Michael D’Silva – one of Kuwait’s most popular singers, has been singing on stage in Kuwait since 1994. Known for his poetical compositions, Michael first sang in Mario de Majorda’s drama ‘Sambau’. 

Michael's rhythmic singing style is perhaps unmatched on Konkani stage.

In recent years, the Kuwait Trio has performed in London, Qatar, Bahrain, Goa, etc, singing on various topics. They have given hit-after-hit, and are known to be professional-perfect in the art with their synchronized voices and captivating lyrics. 

The Kuwait audiences expect nothing but the best from their adorable idols.


The musical has a cast of select artistes that include: 


Lawry Travasso, 
Rosario de Benaulim, 
Shunaina Baptista of Goencho Avaz Fame


Nelson Colaco & Lucy Aranha


Kuwait Trio of Cajetan de Sanvordem, Mario de Majorda and Michael D’Silva, 
Gracy Rodrigues, 
Clemmie Almeida, 
Esparansa Barretto, 
Laurente Pereira, 
Balthazar Pontes, 
Alberto Azavedo
Katty de Navelim, 
Bab Agnel, 
Seby & Seby Mascarenhas, 
Custodio de Cuncolim 
Pitu Ferns & 
Gasper Crasto


Maestro Shahu, 
Faustino Fernandes, 
Flaviano Furtado, 
Tony Fernandes, 
Rafio Gonsalves


For Invites, please contact Maestro Shahu - 97870433, Nicholas - 99732917, Nazy - 99663252.

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