A Tribute to Ruzai Saibinn: A Konkani Song


Rocky Gomes - Muscat, Oman (Colmorrod, Navelim):

WOW !!! Gasper Crasto WOW !!!!!

I only knew you as a ACE footballer but now YOU hv proved to be a singer of high calibre...what a VOICE...what a clearity in your words...superb expressions and the body language 👍👍👍...tune and the twist of it in the chorus suits the subject so well...

music score by Cannon is super...in short there's nothing missing in your video it's highly professional 👍👍👍

I'm PROUD OF YOU my gaum bhau...keep rocking...GBU and your family always.

Silviano Barbosa  - Toronto, Canada:

Kai borem cantar amche Ruzai Saibinnik bhettoylam tuvem Gasper-Bab.

Ekdom borea nazuk utramnim surngaylolem cantar, voznadik muzganim nettoylolem cantar, amchea Navelim ganvant zolmoleleank ekdom vhoddvikayechem cantar!

Man tuka Gaspar-Bab kai bore avazan tuvem tem gaylam!. Ruzai Sabinnin amkam sogleank borem magun dhaddun! VIVA NAVELIM.! BOAS FESTAS!

A very nice video indeed! Gasper, you are really an all-rounded talented artiste!

Mykel Gomz  -USA (Chandor):

Superb Gasper .. the idea of starting the song in Latin was simply out of the box.

Domnic Fernandes  - Kuwait (Raia):

Adim football mollar Salgaokarak nanv gazoilem , Borovopui korun nanv gazoita, ani atam Ghorkarni bai Espy sangatak songitantlean porzollta ..

Gasper Crasto bab Great lyrics .. ani tuzo tallo .. wow sarko sobta tujea kantarak .. fuddarak tum odik porzollum hech anvdde mhoje .. .. MULTI-TALENTED .

Cecil Pinto - Panjim (Aldona):

Well done Gasper! Even a non-religious person like me felt uplifted.

Cajetan De Sanvordem Pereira

Gasper Ixtta, it's indeed an excellent song with finest composing and sung by you brilliantly. God bless you abundantly.

Jose Rod - Sanvordem:

A star is born

Donald Colaco - Benaulim

Mhozo mogacho Salam tuka gasper BaB tuvem gailelea tujea avazan ruzai saibinin chem kantar. .....well done God bless you

Edward Estibeiro - Goa

Awesome! Finest lyrics, superb voice and excellent music.

Ek faut aikon puro zaina oslem cantar. Kuwait konkni palkar porzoltem noketr atam Goyam ani sounsarak porzoltelem hantunt illoi duabu na. Oslim ruchichim cantaram aikunk amche kann axxeun ravtat. Tambonacai... vaur chalu dovor Gaspar bab.

Ruzai Maien tuca sodach aplea saulent dhourunc amchim magnni.

Arnold Rodrigues - London

Hey gaspar what a talent you are. You are the most talented footballer I have come across. It's and honour to know you and be your friend and just want to tell you that you are my HERO

Dom Joe Mascarenhas - Kuwait (Varca)

Bro. great song with great vocals chords and lyrics. Good keep it up. Dear. God bless you more.n more To use your talent for his glory.

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