Esparansa Del Mundo - Hope of the World

 Esparansa Barretto

News Feature: By Gasper Crasto

'Great is truth, and mighty above all things.' -1 Esdras 4:41

The first child of Adeline Barretto and Cajetan Barreto, Esparansa was born at Sanquelim, Goa but spent much of her life in Kuwait since her second grade in school.

She studied in Kuwait at Indian School, and later attended Goa University for higher studies. A State-ranker in B.A (3rd Rank), she has a B.Ed in Literature and M.A in Economics.

The name Esparansa means ‘hope’ in Spanish (e.g: La Esparansa del Mundo' - 'The Hope of the World'). Esparansa was named after her late grandmother, as such, she is quite attached to the name although everyone calls her SP.

At the age of 6 years, Esparansa Barretto first performed at a Cuncolim 'khell-tiatr' as she often visited her grandmother's elder sister there. From then on, she participated in various school and college debates, elocutions, etc, and has done several speeches, and anchoring roles.


The passionate diva is quite enthusiastic about singing and dancing right from her school days. She has been a member of Kuwait's City Cathedral choir and participated in the grand annual cultural shows at church for a number of years.

It was late Cajetan de Sanvordem who spotted Esparansa singing along with her husband Gasper Crasto, and first invited them to sing in United Friends Club organized musical show ‘Kazar Zatam, Punn?’ staged in 2013.

The couple has been singing together since then and is well noted for their singing with synchronized steps at every show, function, parties, and other events. Much of their music is provided by Maestro Shahu Almeida.


Some of the events that the couple has performed include:

·        2010 – Global Goans Convention in Kuwait organized by GCC under President Carmo Santos

·        2013 - UFC Musical show, Salmiya Kuwait

·        2015 - Goa Day - Kuwait

·        2016  - World Goa Day – Qatar (organized by Goan Cultural Association under the presidentship of Simon D’Silva)

·        2017 - World Goa Day – Qatar

·        2018 - World Goa Day – Qatar

·        2018 - Maestro Shahu Musical Show ‘Tumkanch Lagon Ami’ in Bahrain

·        2013 to 2019 - 5 shows of Maestro Shahu in Kuwait

-        2013 – Goencho Rakhonddar

-        2016 - Tiatristponn Devachem Dennem

-        2017 – Tumkanch Lagon Ami

-        2018 – Konknni Machiechi Seva

-        2019 – Ugddas Dovrun Ghele

·        2013 to 2018 - 5 musical shows & 2 dramas of Kuwait Konknni Mogi (KKM)

-      2013 - Songit Sanz

-      2014 - Traditional Khell

-      2015 – Jabriya Show

-      2016 - Kuwait Pearls Musical Show,

-      2017 – Maim Pai tim Maim Pai (drama)

-      2017 - Palkachim Noketram

-      2018 - Vanvank Chuklear Ganvank Chukta (drama)

·        2019 - Gulf Voice of Goa - Kuwait

·        2021 - Goenche Online Supertstars – YouTube Musical Show by Navelim Stars

·        2021 - Ixtta Ugddas Tuzo – YouTube Musical Show by Maestro Shahu

Esparansa and Gasper have also featured in shows & dramas of Fidelis Fernandes (Saath Panvdde), Braz de Parra (Ami Khuxal), Nazy Rod (Ghonvddo), etc.

The couple feature in a number of YouTube videos as well - especially on #gaspersworld


Esparansa is a CBSE English language teacher at SIMS - Kuwait. Married to Gasper Crasto, the couple has a daughter named Angel Rafa Crasto.

Esparansa’s dad popularly known as Cajetan de Sanquelim is a former Konkani stage composer-singer who has brushed shoulders with legends such as Prem Kumar, M. Boyer, Remmie Colaco, etc.

Watching Hindi films is Esparansa’s favorite pass time; filmstar Sridevi has been her favorite idol among the stars.

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